Get 3 free credits!

Share ONDA F.C. with friends,

& get your free credits!


When your friend becomes also member & refers to you (full name) on the check-out page, you will receive 3 credits! More info below.

More info:

The monthly memberships included in this promotion are:

  • Fellow
  • Captain
  • MVP

This promotion is not applicable to single credit packs or just new registrations on the ONDA F.C. Website/Web-app.

This promotion only applies to current members referring new ONDA F.C. members, who never have had an ONDA F.C. Membership before.

Important! Make sure your friend adds your full name to the referral field during the check-out process

You will receive your credits as soon as your friend has purchased their membership and added your name to the check-out process at the field “Are you referred by another member?”

We will check the order and add the 3 credits to your account.

We add 3 single credits to your account. These credits never expire!

It is not possible to share your credits with other players, all credits are personal!