Footvolley Meet-up 7-10

6,00  Incl. VAT


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Sports outfit

We take care of the field, balls, materials & whole tournament organization. Make sure you bring shorts & or if you like swimshorts to take a swim in the sea.

We recommend to take also a cap with you for extra sun protection.


We play on the beach barefoot, however the sand can be warm so bring flip-flops or shoes with you!

Water bottle & sunscreen

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated especially in warm weather conditions at the beach. Bring a water bottle! There is a possibility to refill your water bottle at the beach or to buy any drinks at beachbol.

Sunscreen is highly recommended to protect yourself from burning.

Game Ethics

To maintain a “Buena ONDA” (good vibe) before, during & after the footvolley tournament.

Game rules

Full body, except hands & arms

You can touch the ball with every part of your body except for your hands and arms. 

Serve behind baseline

To serve, you have to be behind the baseline and the ball has to end up over the net, using only the player’s foot. The player is allowed to build a small hill and place the ball on top of it to make it easier.


We play 4 vs 4. The teams consist of 4 players, and we rotate position every time there is change of service

Rotate positions

Everytime when the service changes from team the team has to rotate positions.

Max. 4 team passes

Players can touch the ball as often as they like BUT a team can only pass the ball 4 times max, before crossing the net to the other team.

21 points or 15 minutes.

We play up to 21 points with a 2-point difference with a time limit of 15 minutes per game.