FIFA Tournament 12-10



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Game Ethics

To maintain a “Buena ONDA” (good vibe) before, during & after the tournament.

Game rules

Pick any club

You can pick any club you like except the extraordinary teams (Classic XI, World XI) some days before the tournament we will reach out to you to choose your club. However, we wont accept teams with the same club so we give you equal opportunity to choose a club first come first serve.

Game are 4 min per half

The games are 4 minutes per half. We have a tight schedule so make sure you will adjust your team settings fast.

Updated teams FIFA 23

We will ensure that all teams are updated in FIFA 23. Which means you have latest transfers included in your team.

Extra time in finals

In case of a draw during the finals we play extra time (classic) and we will continue with penalties if needed.