7v7 Tournament


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7v7 Tournament 9-3 Single

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Game Ethics

To maintain a “Buena ONDA” (good vibe) before, during & after the tournament.

Game rules

The referees lead the game

The referees are in charge for the decision making during the tournament games

No slide tackles

During the tournament we play without slide tackles. Defensive slide tackles without a opponent closeby are allowed. But slide tackles on a running player are prohibited. Keep it safe the referee can draw yellow/red-cards.

Throw-ins from sidelines

When the ball leaves the pitch on the side lines Throw-ins from the sidelines are taken. 


direct free kick when the ball touches a players arm whether accidental or deliberate.

Unlimited subs

You can substitute players when the ball is not in play, but inform the referee.

Offside rule

We play with offside at the Betero pitch from the indicated white offside line, in that area players can be offside

All free kicks direct, wall on 5m

During free kicks & corners,  the opposing team has to be a minimum of 5 meter distance from the ball. All free kicks are direct. Unless goalie picks up a backpass.

No extra time

We play without extra time. Timing is strict.

Goals from anywhere (except throw-ins)

Goals can be scored from everywhere on the pitch.

Yellow & red cards
  • Yellow 3 minutes out
  • Red send-off & suspended for 1 more game
Ranking in groupstage
  1. Number of points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. Fair play (red cards/yellow cards)
  5. Draw 

If a draw occurs during the knock-out stage, teams will do a penalty shootout, with both sides taking five penalties. During this shootout, the goalkeeper is required to remain on their goal line.

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Aftermovie of last tournament