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How to get your promotion:

1. Have an active ONDA F.C. Membership

To get the personal digital Membercard make sure you have an active ONDA F.C. Membership (Fellow, Captain or MVP). Membercards are not available for single credit pack users.

2. Check our available partnership promotions

On this page you can find all partner promotions connected to the ONDA F.C. digital Membercard. These partners accept the digital Membercard and offer you the promotion! 

3. Show your digital Membercard at the partner

Your digital Membercard contains your name, personal avatar and valid time/date. You can only enjoy the partner promotion if you show this valid digital Membercard to the partner of choice.

4. Enjoy your promotion!

Enjoy your ONDA F.C. partnership promotion at our partners! If you have any ideas, proposals or suggestions for new partners let us know!