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  • 3 credits per month
  • Community access
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Frequently asked questions

You can use your ONDA F.C. Credits to play daily on-demand football games on multiple locations in the city.  Joining one game will costs you one game credit! 

We will come up with way more ONDA F.C. features for which you can use your ONDA credits. Like events, merchandise & many more, we keep you posted about that!

  1. Once you are logged in you can just select one of our games you would like to play on

    1. Order your entrance ticket for the game online,
    2. receive an email confirmaton,
    3. Add your gameticket to your agenda,
    4. Show up at the game location on the indicated time.

As a ONDA F.C. Member you get more for less!

  1. Cheaper credits monthly automatically assigned to your account.
  2.  As a ONDA F.C. member you can earn more credits for free! 
  3. You will get access to monthly rankings & prizes
  4. Benefit from sponsor & partner deals, access to the full community including our partners (coming soon)

After paying for your single credit or membership the credits will be directly assigned and available in your account. 
As a ONDA F.C. member you will receive automatically every month on your starting date of your membership new credits for that month.

Ssingle credits/individual credits will never expire.

ONDA F.C. Memberships credits expire every month but if you keep on being member you automatically receive new credits for the coming month.

As a ONDA F.C. member you can earn more credits for free! 

You obtain more credits:

  1. 1 credit when it is your birthday (dont forget to put it in your account profile!)
  2. 1 credit When you won 6 times during that month
  3. 1 credit when you bring in a new friend as ONDA F.C. member by sharing your personal coupon code (coming soon!)

You can cancel your membership anytime during the monthly.

For cancellation

if you want to cancel your membership  you need to notify us 10 days before the payment of your new month. You can notify us here (link)

For adjustment:

You can adjust your subscription anytime if you want to adjust your subscription to another membership please notify us here (link)