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Futsal Tournament

Many thanks for a great 5v5 futsal tournament last Saturday! Check all our photos from the tournament here! 

Feel free to share your tournament pics on Instagram and don’t forget to tag @ondafc! The aftermovie will follow soon.

Hope to see you soon at our next tournament at 27-5-2023!

Welcome to the information page of the ONDA F.C. 5v5 futsal Tournament! 

Below you will find all the information on related to the tournament. During the tournament you can track the live scores here! So save this link, share it with your team mates & follow the tournament live. 

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120 players

16 teams

4 groups

1 winner

Sports outfit

We take care of the pitches, balls, materials & yellow & black bibs if needed. If you want a specific team color let us know. Make sure you join a game in a sportswear.

At Colegio Sagrada Familia PJO you can make use of the dressing room including showers.


For these futsal pitches we recommend indoor sports shoes.

Bring your own water bottle!

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated especially in warm weather conditions. Bring your water bottle! There is a possibility to refill your water bottle using the sink.

Prize ceremony

The prize ceremony will take place at restaurant Taberna el Norte at 2 PM. We have reserved enough tables to eat and drink together! Taberna el Norte is located next to the Futbol sala pitches. See the location here. 

Game Ethics

To maintain a “Buena ONDA” (good vibe) before, during & after the tournament.

Game rules

The referees lead the game

The referees are in charge for the decision making during the tournament games

No slide tackles

During the tournament we play without slide tackles. Only goalies are allowed to slide in their area.

Kick-ins from sidelines

When the ball leaves the pitch on the side lines no Throw-ins from the sidelines are taken. Instead ball is placed on ground and passed in to a teammate with the foot. Kick-ins are indirect and can’t be scored


free kick when the ball touches a players arm whether accidental or deliberate.

Goalkeepers: when handle the ball with hands outside their area a penalty is given.

Unlimited subs

You can subsitute players whenever you want during the game.

No offside

We don’t play with offside in the futsal and 5v5 games. 

All free kicks direct, wall on 5m

Free kicks and corners the opposing team has to be minimum of 5 meter away from the ball. All free kicks are direct

No extra time

We play without extra time. Timing is strict.

Goals from everywhere (except goalkicks/throws)

Goals can be scored from everywhere on the pitch except from a goalkick or goalkeeper direct throw or kick-in from the sideline.

Yellow & red cards
  • Yellow 3 minutes out
  • Red send-off & suspended for 1 more game
Ranking in groupstage
  1. Number of points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. Fair play (red cards/yellow cards)
  5. Draw

If a draw occurs during the knock-out stage, teams will do a penalty shootout, with both sides taking five penalties. During this shootout, the goalkeeper is required to remain on their goal line.

Schedule & Results

TeamGamesPointsWinsDrawLostGoalsGoals AgGoal Diff
Naranja Mecánica37210523
TeamGamesPointsWinsDrawLostGoalsGoals AgGoal Diff
Aston Birra33102660
Black & White3000316-5
TeamGamesPointsWinsDrawLostGoalsGoals AgGoal Diff
Bueno Boys36201440
ONDA F.C.34111541
Los Cocos3411123-1
7 Tanke Nolmal32021110
TeamGamesPointsWinsDrawLostGoalsGoals AgGoal Diff
Dutch Gold37210413
Glacticos 3101225-3
111.00-11.181Naranja MecánicaBeercelona2-0
111.00-11.182YourcervezaAston Birra2-1
211.20 - 11.3827 Tanke NolmalBueno Boys0-1
211.40 - 11.581Black & WhiteATLAS LIONS0-1
211.40 - 11.582Los CocosONDA F.C.3-2
312.00 - 12.181SanLucarNaranja Mecánica2-3
312.00 - 12.182YourcervezaBlack & White2-0
312.20 - 12.381BeercelonaVTF1 -2
412.20 - 12.382Bueno BoysONDA F.C.1-3
412.40- 12.581ATLAS LIONSAston Birra3-2
412.40 - 12.5827 Tanke NolmalLos Cocos1-1
513.00 - 13.181VTFNaranja Mecánica0-0
513.00 - 13.182ATLAS LIONSYourcerveza4-1
513.20 - 13.381SanLucarBeercelona1-1
613.20 - 13.382Los CocosBueno Boys1-2
613.40 - 13.581Aston BirraBlack & White3-1
613.40 - 13.582ONDA F.C.7 Tanke Nolmal0-0
Group Photo14:00 - 14:181Group Photo
QF14.20-14.381Naranja MecánicaONDA F.C.4-1
QF14.20-14.382ATLAS LIONSAston Birra0-3
QF14.40-14.581Bueno BoysLos Cocos0-1
Semi final15.10 - 15.301Naranja MecánicaAston Birra2-0
Semi final15.10 - 15.302Los CocosVTF0-3
Final15.35 - 15:551Naranja MecánicaVTF6-1