Welcome to the ONDA F.C. 6v6 tournament! If you’re into fast-paced action and love the dynamics of small games, this is the place to be. We’d love to see you and/or your team there! Think you’ve got what it takes to win this time? Let’s see what you’ve got!

The tournament at Marxalenes is powered by our partners, Ceremicas del Mediterraneo, Electricista Ya, Fonan, Salon 66 & La Luneria. Thanks to their support, we’ve got some great prizes to win (see below)💪

Date & time

The tournament takes place on Saturday the 29th of june, starts at 09.45 and finishes at 13.45 (excluding third half;)) Please make sure your team is on time

# of teams
  • 5 teams will be active during this tournament
  • 4 team signups 
  • 1 Single team of individual ONDA players
# players per team

We allow a maximum of 8 players per team.

# of games
  • Group stage consists of 4 games per team
  • Top 4 joins the semi finals
  • Final will be played between the 2 best teams
Min. per game
  • All games are 14 minutes
Photos & videos

During the tournament we will take team pictures & photos and videos.

Third half

The prize ceremony will take place at the field, after the tournament we have the third half at the bar in front of the P.D. Marxalenes . You can find the location here.

The referees lead the game

The referees are in charge for the decision making during the tournament games

No slide tackles

During the tournament we play without slide tackles. Only goalies are allowed to slide in their area.

Kick-ins from sidelines

When the ball leaves the pitch on the side lines no Throw-ins from the sidelines are taken. Instead ball is placed on ground and passed in to a teammate with the foot. Kick-ins are indirect and can’t be scored

Unlimited subs

You can subsitute players whenever you want during the game.


free kick when the ball touches a players arm whether accidental or deliberate.

No offside

We don’t play with the offside rule in 6v6 games at Marxalenes

All free kicks direct, wall on 5m

Free kicks and corners the opposing team has to be minimum of 5 meter away from the ball. All free kicks are direct, unless there’s a backpass to the goalie and they pick it up by hand.

No extra time, penalties in (semi)finals

We play without extra time. Timing is strict. If equal score in the semi-finals and finals, we take 3 penalties. 

Goals from everywhere (except goalkicks/throws)

Goals can be scored from everywhere on the pitch except from a goalkick or goalkeeper direct throw or kick-in from the sideline.

Yellow & Red Card

3 min out if received yellow card and sent-off & suspended for next game if red card

  1. Number of points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. Mutual result
Penalties - 1 step

The penalty kicks should be taken with a single step, without any run-up.

Sports outfit

We take care of the pitches, balls, materials & yellow & black bibs if needed. If you want a specific team color let us know. Make sure you join a game in a sportswear.


For all our artificial grass pitches we recommend turf shoes. Marxalenes is flat artificial grass so we recommend multi-stud turf shoes.

Bring a water bottle

We will provide water tanks at the tournament where you can refill your water bottle. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle (we also have carton cups available if needed)